I-DLV is an Answer Set Programming grounder and Datalog reasoner. It supports the ASP-Core-2 standard language; nevertheless, the system supports additional linguistic extensions such as list terms and external atoms (see the official documentation) . I-DLV is also a full-fledged deductive database system, supporting query answering powered by the Magic Sets technique.

I-DLV is free for academic and non-commerical educational use, as well as for use by non-profit organisations.


I-DLV has been integrated as the grounding module of the second version of DLV and can be used as follows.

./dlv2 --mode=idlv input_files

The latest DLV release integrates I-DLV v.1.1.4.

In addition, standalone I-DLV releases are available on the official web page.

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